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Windows 10 Orange Screen Error Solution

How to fix windows 10 orange screen error

Windows 10 Orange Screen Error Solution

Windows 10 Orange Screen Error is rare, but it is just as irritating as the widely known blue screen error as it causes the system to crash and hang.

Anyway, fixing the Orange Screen Error is not a difficult task; some users have managed to fix the error by restarting the computer or updating their graphics card drivers.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to fix the orange screen error, just follow the given fixes and fix the error permanently.

Cause of Windows 10 Orange Screen Error

The main culprit for the Windows 10 Orange Screen error is outdated drivers or software or hardware malfunction.

Due to 3rd party software installed on your system,

Sometimes because of unnecessary external devices such as printers, webcams,

Incorrect and outdated device drivers

Due to RAM or another hardware failure,

Your anti-virus program

Overclocking GPU and CPU and heating your pc,

Enabling hardware acceleration in Google Chrome browser,

No matter what caused the error, luckily some fixes have worked for many users. Follow the fixes given here until you find one that works for you.

Windows 10 Orange Screen Error Solution


Common glitches or bugs found in the Windows system often start causing errors. Therefore, it is recommended to restart your PC a few times first.

And check if restarting the system works to fix the Orange screen error in Windows 10. But if the error persists, here is your system in safe mode.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

As mentioned above, outdated drivers can be a reason why you are encountering the orange screen on your computer, so updating the graphics card drivers is recommended here.

Press Windows + R keys and type devmgmt.msc in the Run box > Press Enter.

Now in Device Manager > Right-click on your Graphics Card > choose Update Driver.

After choose search automatically for updated driver software.

If Windows cannot find the latest driver, it is recommended that you go to the manufacturer’s website and look for the latest driver compatible with your system.

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