What is Rooting? How to Root Phone?

What does rooting do?

What is Rooting? How to Root Phone?

When it comes to the Root Android phone, it is one of the first to come to mind. Most of the users use the phone without knowing this process.

After rooting, there is no place on your phone that you cannot customize. Although the root process adds many features to your phone, it may cause new security vulnerabilities.

You should also consider that there is a possibility that you will not be able to turn on your phone after a wrong action. For this reason, it is beneficial to have the root process done by a person who is an expert in this field.


What are the Benefits of Rooting?

The question of what are the benefits of rooting are asked many times, especially by those who are new to rooting. Said Root allows all access to your device. Therefore, you can change almost all settings on your device.

Changing these settings gives you some benefits. So, what are the benefits of rooting? What does rooting do for you? Here are the benefits of rooting;

  • It gives you access to all the settings of your phone.
  • It ensures that the cheat software runs smoothly.
  • It allows you to install Android Roms that are not on your phone.
  • It allows you to OC. Systematically increased performance can be observed after OC.
  • It provides access to ad addresses, so you can remove ads in applications forever.
  • It allows you to change almost everything on your device.
  • Although what you can do with Root is so good, it also hurts.

What are the Harms of Rooting?

So, what are the disadvantages of rooting? These damages may even cause your phone not to be used again. Therefore, you should take all of these into consideration.

The damage caused by rooting can sometimes be prevented. For the removal processes in question, you need to contact someone authorized in this field. Especially on devices with a root counter, uninstallation cannot be done. So what are these damages?

  • Rooting causes your device to be out of warranty.
  • Viruses can be infected more easily because they will remove your operating system’s firewall.
  • Some special ROMs can cause your phone’s IMEI to be deleted, in other words, to fly.
  • Some online games prevent devices with Root access from entering the games, so you may have problems accessing some games because you have Root authority.
  • It can cause stuttering, heating, freezing, and shutdown problems on some phones.

How to Root? Rooting Methods

Well, we took a look at its many harms and benefits. How to root? What are the rooting methods? Now we can look at them.

It is useful to have the rooting process done by a phone specialist who is an expert in the field. If there is no telephone specialist in this area where you live, you can easily provide rooting with remote assistance.

If you are going to do it yourself, there are some methods you can follow. Although there are methods, you need a computer for the exact rooting process.


Rooting with Magisk

Thanks to the Magisk root method, you can Root your Android device in a short time. However, there are applications that you need to prepare beforehand for this. So, how to root with Magisk?

  1. Install TWRP on your device with TWRP Installation methods.
  2. Find the Magisk version suitable for your device on the internet by searching for your phone model.
  3. Install the downloaded file directly from the “Install” area via TWRP.
  4. After installation, confirm to boot the system from the “Reboot System” option.
  5. You will have a cooldown of up to 10 minutes the first time.

After installing Magisk via TWRP, you need to download Magisk as a package installer by searching for magisk apk from its website. After the mentioned step is completed, restart your device once again.

After following these steps, your phone will have Root access. Although it seems easy, it will be in your best interest not to perform the said processes without the help of the Forums and Youtube.

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