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What is Ping?

Why Decrease and Increase?

What is Ping? Why Decrease and Increase?

With the development of the online game world, players met a new concept called ping. Although it is a popular term for online games among gamers, it has maintained its importance in the internet world for a long time. While lowering ping is a popular term because of online games, it is actually a concept related to an internet connection. This term, which we can also call delay, is effective in all transactions made from internet networks.

Every connection in the internet world has a latency. The ideal delay time is 50 ms or less. If this value goes up to 150 ms or more, it may cause problems with the internet connection. The ideal latency time for games played online may vary according to each game. For example, while 60 ms delay is not a problem in one game, it may cause connection problems in another game. So, what is ping, which is such an important concept, and what kind of effects it has, let’s examine it together?

What is Ping?

When you enter a website from your browser, connect to a gaming platform to play online games, or watch a video, your computer connects to the servers of the other party offering the transaction. In other words, the data coming out of your computer is sent to the server on the other side. The time it takes for this data to reach the other party’s servers from your computer is called ping. In short, it is the rate of transmission of the transmitted data between your computer and the server.

Also known as latency, this term is measured in milliseconds. The lower the resulting value, the faster the data exchange. The higher the value, the slower the data transmission. Latency is critical when watching videos or movies and playing online games. If the delay time increases while watching a video, the video will freeze, and the video pause and start processes will not occur instantly. In online games, on the other hand, the delay time creates a problem for the player who experiences the delay and the game freezes instantly. If you are playing a gun game, because the bullet you shoot reaches your opponent’s server late, the opponent’s death time will increase at the same rate.

Ping value can be learned by ping test made by websites and applications.


How to Measure Ping Value?

Ping value, ie, latency time, is measured using websites or applications that measure internet speed values. If you want to measure the latency of your Internet, you can use internet speed test websites using your search engine. Many websites provide this service. One of the most popular among these websites is the SpeedTest site. To measure your internet values ​​and latency using the SpeedTest website;

  • Type SpeedTest in your internet browser and start the search. Click on the SpeedTest website in the search results.
  • After logging into the SpeedTest website, you will see a page to measure your internet values. You can start the test by clicking on the Git or Go text on this page.
  • When you start the test, SpeedTest will start measuring your Internet. At this stage, all you have to do is wait for the test to finish.
  • Once the ping test is complete, the website will display your results. In the values ​​in the results, you can see the Ping, i.e. latency, download speed and upload speed.

The value in the area marked in red above is the Ping, the delay value of your Internet.

How to Lower the Ping?

Ping is the abbreviation of the term “Packet-Internet-Network Groper”. Your internet latency is too high and you don’t know why? Latency may increase depending on the type of connection, the number of devices connected to the network, the physical distance of the server, and the use of DNS servers. There are some ways to reduce the latency. These;

  • Turning off unnecessary applications that use the Internet on your computer and networked devices
  • Not using video watching platforms with high internet consumption such as Youtube from another device using the same network
  • Ensuring that the computer is close to the modem and router
  • Checking the cable connections entering and leaving the modem and router and changing the cables in case of possible cable breaks will be beneficial for you to reduce the Ping time, that is, the delay time.

This is the Ping, or latency, which is very important when browsing the Internet, watching videos or playing online games. You can also measure your Ping using the methods above, and if it is high, you can apply the necessary actions to decrease it.

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