What is E-Sports ?

How Is It Earned Money?

What is E-Sports and How to Make Money?

It is the name given to video game battles known as electronic sports. The games played usually take place among professional e-sports players in the company of organizations. The most common games in electronic sports (E-Sports) consist of fighting games, first-person attack games, strategic games, and games with sports content. The World Championship, Evolution Championship Series, The International and Intel Extreme Masters tournaments in the game League Of Legends are broadcast live and provide players with serious cash prizes up to six figures. Players who take part in e-Sports tournaments are called cyber athletes. Esports players typically have a starting age of 16 to 17. When e-sports players reach the age of about 24, they leave the industry.


Making Money With E-Sports

The thought of making money with e-sports is definitely a thought that crosses the minds of all PC or console players at least once. But there are necessary conditions and responsibilities for this. Especially sponsorships play a big role in making a profit. Sponsorships even surpass esports revenue. Sponsor companies make up the largest portion of revenue, roughly $1 billion. Among the well-known and known sponsors are Pepsi, Coca-cola, Samsung, Toyota, HP and Redbull.

Earn Money with Won Tournaments

E-sports monetization is usually achieved through tournaments. For example, Fornite Worldcup, which won a cash prize of 4 million dollars, while the 2019 prize is distributed equally to the team, the major teams aim to be successful in their teams by increasing their tournament earnings in general.

Ticket sales, marketing negotiations, and sponsorship deals are very good options for the winning team to make a huge amount of money and generate high income with the events. In this way, it is possible to earn a good income as a team.

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