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How to create E-commerce Website?

What is an E-commerce Website?

What is an E-commerce Website? How to create E-commerce Website?

An e-commerce site is a name given to online stores where businesses can showcase their products and services to sell online. With the development of the e-commerce sector, many people have turned to establish a store to step into this sector, and people who want to do e-commerce are looking for an answer to how to set up an e-commerce site before setting up their sites. Because, thanks to the answers to this question, they want to establish a professional e-commerce site.

In this article called What is an E-commerce Site and How to Set it Up, we will give you information about the process of establishing an e-commerce site. You can also review our article and find an answer to how to set up an e-commerce site.

Decide on the Sector You Will Sell

Before establishing an e-commerce site, you need to determine the sector you will sell and your products. Therefore, first of all;

  • E-commerce Statistics
  • E-export Statistics
  • Product Recommendations
  • E-commerce Success Stories

You need to research such topics. By reading and watching on these issues, you can decide on the sector you will sell and determine your products. However, thanks to your relevant research, you can inspire the e-commerce sector.


Supply Your Products

After researching the e-commerce sector and the products to be sold on the internet, you need to supply your products and services before establishing an e-commerce site. That’s why you need to choose a sales method and supplier.

  • Stocked E-commerce
  • No Stock E-commerce

They are e-commerce models that you can sell. Generally, brands determine their sales methods according to their capital. While businesses with the necessary capital for e-commerce do e-commerce with stocks, businesses that do not have much capital prefer to do e-commerce without stocks. After the business model is determined, businesses choose suppliers.

  • Supplier’s assortment
  • Stocks
  • Predisposition to e-commerce

Working conditions

  • Using technology
  • Distance from company

These are the factors considered when choosing a supplier for e-commerce. You can determine your sales method and choose your supplier considering these factors.


Establishing an E-commerce Site

One of the most important things for people who say how to set up an e-commerce site is the method of establishing an e-commerce site. Because according to the method of establishing an e-commerce site, companies benefit from certain advantages and disadvantages.

  • Open Source Software; It is an e-commerce software that can be used for free and has simple features.
  • E-commerce Site Printing; It is a method in which companies purchase services from software companies and set up an e-commerce site of their own.
  • Ready-made e-commerce packages are an e-commerce software that is available under license and equipped to meet every need of e-commerce companies.

When setting up an e-commerce site, you should choose one of these methods, but before that, it is important to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce site establishment methods.

  • Although open-source software is available for free, they have modules and theme costs because they are simple. Usually, modules and themes are offered for sale over dollars.
  • Since the e-commerce site printing method is a project-based method, both the time to set up the site is prolonged and the cost of the companies increases.
  • Ready-made e-commerce packages are infrastructures offered for paid use and are advantageous compared to all other methods because they contain all the features.

While setting up your e-commerce site, you can choose ready-made e-commerce packages such as Ticimax, so you can quickly set up your e-commerce site and start selling instantly on the internet.

Upload Your Products

After choosing your e-commerce site setup method, you need to upload the products and services you will sell from your store on your site. While doing this;

  • Brands
  • categories
  • Sub Categories

You must first create important elements such as Then you should upload your products to your e-commerce site with excel. When loading your products;

  • Professional product photos
  • Professional and SEO friendly product descriptions
  • You should be careful to use it.

E-commerce Site Design

After you upload your products and services to your e-commerce site, you need to design the site. It is important to design a reliable and mobile-friendly site when designing a site. However, you should also pay for page designs in site design.

  • About us
  • Communication
  • Payment Page
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Brand, Category, and Product Pages

Reflecting on your corporate identity in your designs will give confidence to your customers and increase your sales. In addition to these, when designing your banner and slider areas, you should take care to make designs that keep the user experience in the foreground and will not harm your site.

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