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Video Editing Programs

Video merger programs used to create movies, videos, and clips allow many different images to come together to create an extraordinary image. There is much software for professionally combining video footage and serving the resulting footage. While some of the software is easy to use, others can be more detailed and difficult, but it is necessary to use a quality video merger program to create a good video image.

In addition, creative ideas and knowledge, and experience in using the program are required for video images that will create magnificent images as the user desires and attract and attract the attention of the viewers. The user can easily use alternative software after getting the practice of using the program frequently by using video joiner programs.


Video Editing Programs


Video merger programs, which some use for business purposes and some for hobby purposes, are listed as follows;

Windows Movie Maker: In addition to using the program for a fee, it is one of the first programs that come to mind regarding video merger programs, which are also available for free. With the software preferred by many people due to its small size and practicality, operations such as cutting, merging, and adding music can be done quickly.

Adobe Premiere Pro: It is a widely used software with its ease of operation and layer usage features. This software must be purchased after the first seven days of free use. Computer users can easily reach a level where they can easily cut and join with 15-minute training videos that they can find free on the internet.

Avidemux: The program has paid and free versions and is mostly produced for video splitting and merging. For this reason, the video can be cut immediately by entering the duration from the video with one click, and two different videos can be easily combined.

Vegas Pro: One of the video merger programs known as Sony Vegas among computer users, Vegas Pro offers an important editing feature. With the program, which allows working on subjects such as animation, different effects, and drawing, a very practical cutting and joining can be done. The program is used for a fee, but with the demo version, the cutting and merging features of the application can be accessed.

Avid Media Composer: The program, which can be used mostly on Windows and Mac devices, is preferred by many people because it offers multi-camera support. This program, which is mostly used for editing movies, has a wide range of content.

Machete Video Editor Lite: The software that can edit videos in AVI and WMV formats is among the video merger programs that allow splitting and combining all videos in this format. Splitting and merging videos from within the program is quite easy. For this, it is enough to select the video and click on the places to split. The user can cut immediately by selecting the start and endpoint of the section to be cut.

VirtualDub: It is one of the most used video cutting and merging programs. With the program, which users more preferable because it is free and practical, videos can be converted to the desired format, and output can be obtained.

DaVinci Resolve: This software is offered to users for free or for a fee. The program has video cutting and merging features and is mostly used in professional assembly processes. It can be seen that this software is frequently used in film and serial montages and especially in fine adjustments such as color rendering.

Lightworks: Lightworks software, which is among the free video merger programs, has multi-camera support. The user can operate with many channels at the same time, thus making the editing more controlled.

MP4 Tools: Mp4 Tools, which is free and has an open-source database, is among the most practical video merger programs. This program, which only cuts and combines videos in mp4 format, has a very practical structure. In addition, this software can be used to convert video formats to different formats.

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