State Of Decay 2 Review

State Of Decay 2 Review

State of Decay 2 is an action-packed survival adventure game. Microsoft published the game with its first series and has been updated as part 2. It includes content that provides various actions in order to survive in the world invaded by zombies. Houses are built in the game that makes it easier to survive.

By entering these houses, you manage to survive safely. The aim of the game is not to escape from the zombies but to protect ourselves from the zombies. It is aimed that the more materials and equipment you have in the houses, the higher your probability of survival.

Fighting Zombies

The zombies that come across in the game reduce your survival with one bite. Therefore, the more food and materials are collected, the easier it is to fight zombies. The fact that the fighting mechanics in the game has been slightly improved pleases the players, but it does not perform well. While fighting zombies, it is necessary to collect materials in the houses and fight the zombies in secret ways. Although it is boring for the players to repeat the same events, the excellent design to keep the action alive does not go unnoticed.

Avoiding Zombies by Building a House

After the houses are entered while collecting materials, the character can build his own home in the game and provide a safe environment for himself. The interior, safety, and structure of the house are completely individual. You can attack the zombies that come into your own home in a closer way. Apart from zombies, the epidemic, which is organized under the name of blood plague, also increases the obstacles in front of the character by getting him in trouble. Zombies carry the poison of this epidemic and spread it to society. In order for it not to apply, it is necessary to go to the zombie zone with the epidemic and destroy the sick zombies.

Characters’ Missions

Keeping the characters alive in the game gives a good advantage for the development of the characters. Each character starts the game with various abilities, and their abilities develop as they progress through the game. In order for the character to survive, support can be obtained from neighboring characters. If we do not come to the rescue of the neighbors who call for help, the neighboring characters may appear as zombie enemies in the game. Although the game is full of adventures, the constant stuttering and poor development of the game prevent the players from enjoying it.

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