Pokemon Sword & Shield Review

Pokemon Sword & Shield Review

Pokemon 8th generation, which is one of the series that has an important place in the game world. Although there are some shortcomings compared to the old ones, the game, which has plenty of content, meets the players with new adventures. Inspired by different countries, the game was presented to the new generation of players, inspired by the United Kingdom this time. The game, whose architecture reminds of England, explores wild nature’s lap with pokemon hunting. In the game, we also see Leon, known as the invincible champion of Galar, in his fight with Raihan. Hop, who is getting ready to welcome Raihan to the city station with his brother Hop, and motivates those around him with his speech to the public in pokemon mastery, Hop offers you pokemon and nominates you in the games.

Pokemon Sword Story

The game aims to defeat the hall leaders and fight against the champion. When starting the game, you must first go to the forbidden zone and continue the game by solving the mysteries. The resolution of the Dynamax phenomenon is also expected in the game. Professor Magnolia, who has been doing mind-blowing work for years, sees Galar and Sonia as an essential element, supporting his research with President Rose. It is thought that figures and standing stones give essential messages in the game.

Leveling Up in Mystery Game ​

Darkness Day stands out in the game, regardless of what it has to do with Pokemon; Dynamax Band (armband) is given during the visit to Magnolia at the beginning of the game. It shines when this Pokemon will be Dynamax. Reaching an incredible size, Pokemon can perform Max Moves. This feature, which makes the Pokemon stronger, makes you stronger and makes your progress easier. This conversion can only be used three times in the game and in specific locations. Although Hop’s attitudes in the game make you angry, the characters’ developments manage to make the game gripping.

Pokemon Sword & Shield and Sword-Shield Team

Two different features stand out in the traditional Pokemon game. The game features a special Pokemon and leaderboards in the hall with two special editions. The presence of fossils also helps you to produce Pokemon. Pokemon exchange in the game allows you to get characters you don’t have. Pokemon can now be easily selected as they can be found outside the grass. The Pokemon game also can shop, cook, and camp.

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