Intelligence Enhancing Computer Games

Intelligence Enhancing Computer Games

One of the most played games covering all age ranges is intelligence games, from children to adults. Today, intelligence games have become more popular than entertainment games. Sudoku ranks first among the computer games that develop intelligence. Sudoku game is designed to create our logic and improve our thinking ability. It is advantageous to look at numbers in the game while playing Sudoku.

Most Played Strategy and Intelligence Games

Chess is among the most popular games among other games that develop intelligence. Chess is played on the computer with an automatic virtual opponent. This game, which requires strategy and thinking ability, also develops intelligence. The game called fire and water is also an intelligence developer and guiding game.

Fire and water is an intelligence game that progresses level by level from easy to complex. It is a solidarity game that protects the other characters and allows them to level up together. This game, which has two natures, has recently taken its place among the popular intelligence games.

Games in Logic Category

Logic balls game is a brain teaser designed for teenagers and adults to develop reasoning and planning. World of the zoo is an intelligence game for children over the age of 13 to learn about animals and learn animal knowledge. World of Zoo is a game that teaches various animals with zoo simulation and accurate information about them. The game named Wii sports was made to support the physical development of children over eight years old.

Games That Develop Both Intelligence and Entertain

The game called Abzu is one of the other intelligence-enhancing computer games. Abzu game is an educational intelligence game for children aged ten and over. This game played on the computer allows one to explore the ocean and deep seas. A solo test is an intelligence game with no specific age class. The admiral sunk game is also an intelligence-enhancing card game.

It is also possible to play this card game virtually on the computer. The save the cube game is one of the most entertaining intelligence games. In Save the Cube game, it is necessary to save a cube in various adventures. The intelligence ball game is also an intelligence game that can be played on the computer. It is required to correctly insert the intelligence ball into the red hole in the game.

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