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How to Remove Instagram Comment Block?

What is Instagram Comment Block? How to Remove It?

Instagram comment blocking is one of the situations that Instagram users often encounter. Many people who are unaware of the restrictions of the Instagram application, such as comments and likes, are alarmed by the comment barrier they encounter. The Instagram application always prioritizes the safety of its users. The primary purpose of the ban in practice is to eliminate the reasons that will create a threat on Instagram.

What is Instagram Comment Block?

The use of social media is accelerating day by day, and thousands of users of all ages spend hours on social media. One of these applications is the Instagram application, with more than 50 million users. The fact that there are so many Instagram users causes an increase in the threats on the application.

Disable Instagram Comments

To ensure the security of those who actively use the application, the application imposes several obstacles such as comments and likes. Thus, it is aimed that users are in contact in a safer and more comfortable environment. With the comment block, users are prevented from commenting for a certain period of time.


What Causes Instagram Comment Blocking?

Many reasons seem like a threat for forming an Instagram comment block. One of them is sending the same message over and over. The same messages sent repeatedly is a situation that is not well received by the Instagram application. On the other hand, messages sent from fake accounts can cause comments to be blocked.

The person who has a comment block cannot write any comments in the application. Instagram has an hourly comment limit given to its users. When this limit is exceeded, it is inevitable to encounter an interpretation barrier.

How to Unblock Comment on Instagram Application?

The Instagram application must go through the e-mail confirmation. Those who do not approve the mail must also perform this approval process. On the other hand, the approval of the mobile phone will make it easier to use the application.

As long as there are no obstacles in the Instagram application, many likes, followers and comments cannot be made. The removal time of the obstacle varies depending on the reason why the obstacle was removed. The average comment is unblocked within 24 to 48 hours. If a comment is blocked due to reasons such as cursing and hatred, it may take 1-2 weeks for the block to be removed.

There are limitations for some transactions made in the Instagram application.

  • Tagging a maximum of 5 people in a comment,
  • A maximum of 30 tags can be made in a comment,
  • Making the same comment over and over
  • In case of going beyond the determined limit, it will be inevitable to get banned from the application. 

On the other hand, sending likes and following requests very often,

Include expressions such as follow, GT in the comments,

In cases such as using undesirable expressions such as cursing, obstacles such as comments and likes may be encountered.


How Many People Can Be Followed in 1 Day in the Instagram Application?

To not be blocked from Instagram comments, it is necessary to act within limits set. One of these limits is the following limit. Up to 7500 people can be followed on the application in one day. On the other hand, following more than 200 follow-ups in an hour may lead to blocking and spam.

What should be done to avoid Instagram comment blocks?

In order not to get a comment block in the Instagram application, some situations need to be considered.

  • Care should be taken to ensure that the posts made are not inappropriate.
  • No fraudulent transactions should be made on the account.
  • More than one account should not be opened using the same device.
  • The follow and like limit should not be exceeded.
  • It should not be shared on behalf of anyone else.

If the follow and comment limit is not exceeded, people who are faced with the Instagram comment block situation should focus on why the block may have occurred. Then, by clicking on the “Report a problem” option, the negative situation should be expressed briefly and clearly. After the operation, a response from the system should be expected.

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