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How to Recover and See WhatsApp Deleted Messages?

How to Recover and See WhatsApp Deleted Messages?

Recovering and seeing WhatsApp deleted messages is one of the most researched topics with the frequent use of WhatsApp. Some wrong actions on WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging applications of recent times, can be annoying and frustrating. If the right action is taken, it is possible to retrieve and view unintentionally deleted messages on WhatsApp.

How to Recover and Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

In order to restore and view WhatsApp deleted messages, automatic loading of backups in the WhatsApp application must be turned on. Every night at 2 o’clock, the system is automatically backed up and uploaded to Google Drive so that many lost files can be seen again.

Suppose the deleted messages of WhatsApp cannot be restored. In that case, if the application is deleted from the device and reinstalled on the device, the deleted messages will be automatically restored with Google Drive.


How to Restore WhatsApp Backups?

To restore WhatsApp backups, it is necessary to make sure that the phone number and e-mail address are entered correctly.

  • The WhatsApp application must be deleted and reinstalled, then the e-mail address and phone number must be entered correctly.
  • When you are asked whether to restore from Google Drive, the Restore option should be selected.
  • After the restore process is completed, the chat is displayed by selecting the Next option. After restoring the chat, the WhatsApp media files will also be restored.

How to Get WhatsApp Deleted Messages Back?

One of the methods used to get back WhatsApp deleted messages is weekly backups that are uploaded to the phone’s file location. These correspondence backups, which are taken every night at 2 o’clock, are weekly. Backups can be uploaded to the SD card and transferred to WhatsApp if desired.

The internal storage or main storage folders can be seen if the data is not saved in the /sdcard/WhatsApp/ folder.

Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages on Samsung Device

In order to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages on a Samsung device, it is necessary to log in to the WhatsApp application and select the Settings option with the three dots in the right corner. After the Settings option, you can enter the Chats section and perform the necessary actions with the Chat Backup section.


Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages on IOS Device

The process of recovering and seeing WhatsApp deleted messages can also be done on IOS devices. To bring back the messages, respectively;

  • WhatsApp,
  • Settings,
  • Conversations,
  • The iCloud backup must be proven to exist by selecting the Chat Backup options.
  • If you can see the last time a backup was made, WhatsApp should be deleted and reinstalled from the App Store.
  • The chat history can be easily loaded after the mobile phone number verification, and the necessary instructions are followed.

Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages on iPhone

To restore WhatsApp deleted messages on the iPhone, iCloud Drive must be turned on and logged in with the Apple ID used to access iCloud.

To perform the backup process, the required space must be available in iCloud and Ipone. The phone numbers used for backup and restore operations must be the same number. Chat in another WhatsApp account cannot be restored.

Recovering and seeing WhatsApp deleted messages is one of the topics that many people have been investigating recently. If the necessary instructions are followed correctly, recovering deleted messages will be quite easy.

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