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How To Format Macbook

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How To Format Macbook

Format operations are always one of the preferred methods because they do the necessary cleaning for the computer system. Those who want to do MacBook formatting can easily perform these operations according to the information we will present.

Problems can occur due to many reasons, especially in telephone and computer systems. There are important steps to be followed at this time. Since the storage space is full, software-related problems and virus attacks affect the systems badly, and format operations are performed.

Of course, certain rules must be known to carry out this desired operation. MacBook formatting, which is different from Windows and other operating systems, takes place in a very practical way contrary to popular belief.

Now let’s take a closer look at the necessary processes and look at what the format is like.


Things to Consider Before Formatting the MacBook!

Before the PC formatting process, some issues must be taken into account. All information should be backed up to extra storage as a first step. Since this issue is very important, it must be implemented.

If a backup is not made, irreversible data loss may occur. Even if the storage steps of all software that comply with the system specifications seem to be able to proceed easily after the format, this may not always be the case.

Pre-downloading the Driver files and other important additional files by the system will save time. Moreover, internet problems that may occur after the formatting process will be prevented.

Such a problem can often be seen with laptop computers. To avoid such an event, the Driver must be kept in reserve. These issues must be taken into account. Now let’s move on to MacBook formatting.


What are the Requirements for MacBook Formatting?

People who want to format should turn off their devices. The steps to be followed after the device is turned off are as follows;

  • The device is turned off.
  • Press and hold the CMD+R keys on the device’s keyboard that is turned off and press the power key.
  • The CMD+R key should not be released while the opening process is taking place. As a result of this process, which will take a few seconds, the OS X administration panel will appear. After seeing such a field, there will be no need to press the keys.
  • At this point, click on “Disk Management” in the options that come up.
  • The storage unit in the left part of the menu that will appear and where the system is located must be selected. Being careful while making the selection is a separate issue.
  • After making the selection, click on the “Erase” or “Erase” option in the lower right section and wait for the disk to be erased.
  • The window can be closed after the entire deletion has been performed.
  • Since it is done as a formatting process without a CD, it will be completed very practically.
  • After the window is closed, it will be automatically transferred to the OS X management screen again.
  • The text “Re-Install OS X” or “Reinstall OS X” should be selected in the panel that will appear.
  • After the procedure, it is necessary to wait for an hour.

With the completion of each step, the system will automatically boot, and the MacBook formatting process will be completed.


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