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How To Fix DLL File Missing Error

How To Fix DLL File Missing Error

Watch Out For These When Dealing With The DLL File Missing Error

Before moving on to the solution of the error, it is useful to learn a few important issues. Avoid third-party sites and software as much as possible when resolving Windows errors. Do not download missing DLL files from such dangerous environments.

Although not all third-party applications and sites are created, many of them aim to harm users. The user who says that the DLL files are missing appears just when he needs it and tries to infect his computer with a virus. When infected, your data and device are put in danger. Sometimes it may not be possible to remove viruses.

To avoid encountering this and similar situations, .dll, etc., from absolutely irrelevant platforms. Do not download files.

How To Fix DLL File Missing Error?

The DLL file missing error is caused by the operating system or the software installed on it. Since file types such as .dll are used in the Windows operating system and software, an error will occur if these files are lost.

Sometimes when the DLL file missing error is received, the file may not be lost. In this case, the file is most likely corrupt. Sometimes, the user can do nothing to fix this error because the error may be caused by a different error in the operating system or software, regardless of the .dll file.

Listed below are the stand-alone solutions that users can implement and usually fix the problem.


Restart the computer

If you have problems with the Windows operating system, it is useful to restart your computer first.

The program you are running, or the operating system may not be able to access the DLL file instantly. In order for the program or operating system to access the file without any problems, the RAM, ie temporary memory, may need to be reset. The easiest way to reset the RAM is to restart the computer.

Try File Recovery Programs

If you have deleted the DLL file yourself, this DLL file missing error solution may be useful for you. File recovery programs can restore the lost original .dll file and make your operating system or program run smoothly. There are dozens of paid/free recovery programs on the market. You can access these programs by doing a simple Google search.

Check for Windows Updates

Windows can also solve .dll file errors caused by the Windows operating system. Check for updates regardless of Windows 7 / 8 / 10 versions. Follow the steps below to check for updates in the Windows 10 operating system;

  • Click the “Start” icon. Click on the “Settings” icon in the lower left.
  • In “Settings”, go to “Update and Security”.
  • Switch to the “Windows Update” tab on the left of this section.
  • Click the “Check for Updates” button that appears.

After this process, if there is an update, it will be downloaded and installed automatically. After the update process is finished, you must restart the computer for it to be active. The problem may be eliminated if the update received is based on the DLL file error removal.


Install Visual C++ Files

Normally, Visual C++ files are installed during Windows updates. If it is not installed, almost no program will run on Windows with exceptions. To install these files, you need to type “Visual C++ Redistributable All Versions” in Google, and after downloading the files, you need to install. Click here for install.

Fix Missing DLL Files with Command Prompt

Microsoft may not have noticed the .dll error occurring in the Windows operating system. Maybe this problem is just caused by a lost system file on your computer, so not all users have the same problem. It would be wrong to wait for the update to come in this case.

A command you type through the command prompt can detect and resolve the error in the system files. This command is called “System File Checker,” for short as the “SFC” tool.

  • Click the “Start” button and type “cmd.”
  • Right-click the “Command Prompt” application and click “Run as administrator”.
  • Then type “SFC /scan now” in the command line at the command prompt and press enter.

If the DLL file is missing error is caused by the system, it will most likely be fixed after this command.

Start a Virus Scan with Antivirus Software

Viruses prepared by hackers can cause many problems and disrupt the functioning of system files and program files. Therefore, try to remove viruses by starting a deep virus scan on your computer.


Restore System Backup with System Restore

If you are a regular backup of Windows, this article may be useful for you. You can restore your old backups by using the “System Restore” feature in the Windows operating system, and you can use your operating system or programs again as you do not get any errors. This solution does not always work for programs. Because when a backup is made, the “System Restore” service may not back up programs and personal files in some cases.

Reinstall the Program You Get DLL Error

If the DLL error you get is specific to only one program, reinstalling the program would be the most logical method. Instead of searching for hours on different sites for the missing .dll file in the program, install the program’s latest version. If you are getting the same error, uninstall the new version and install the previous old version. This will most likely fix the problem.

Update Related Hardware Drivers

The causes of DLL errors are multiple, as you can see above. It may sound strange, but sometimes this error can be caused by the hardware driver. For example, if you are using a video editing program, you may have received this error due to a problem with your video card driver. In this case, it is useful to update the driver of your hardware, which is associated with the program you are using, by downloading it from its own site.

Reset or Format Windows

Now, if you have started to spend too much time solving the DLL error, you can go to reset your computer. You can use Windows settings to reset it, and you can search Google for a more detailed guide.

The problem may not disappear because Windows 10 reset is not like a clean format. If you know exactly, format it. If you do not know, have your computer formatted by getting support from an expert.

What can be done for the DLL file missing error is not limited to these. Sometimes there are specific problems specific to the version of the program or operating system you are using. In such a case, temporarily.

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