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How to Change Instagram Username?

How to Change Instagram Username?

how to  change the Instagram username, you must first access your Instagram profile. From your profile page, you must enter the menu titled “Edit Profile.” You should choose the “User Name Steps” heading among the options listed in the menu. You can confirm the registration by clicking on the “Username change” command title that you have just viewed and entering the new user name in the space that opens. You will have successfully changed your Instagram account username at the end of the process steps.


What is Instagram Username Change Barrier?

The Instagram username change ban is a barrier defined by Instagram to the profile, not by the account owners. After a while, accounts with constant username changes may be defined as fake profiles by Instagram. In such a case, Instagram prevents the username of the account from being changed. This barrier put up by Instagram lasts for 14 days. After 14 days, a second transaction can be made to change the user name.

Statuses where Instagram Username Cannot Be Changed

If a person with an Instagram account has changed their username two times within 14 days, the application will not accept the 3rd user name change request. The source of the problem of not changing the username that Instagram account owners frequently encounter is a large number of name updates. Those who make more than two change requests in 14 days cannot update their usernames once again.


What Should an Instagram Username Be?

Especially Instagram users who want to reach a high number of followers and become a phenomenon should not prefer long usernames. When changing the Instagram username, short, remarkable, and catchy names should be preferred for the profile. In addition, it is not recommended to use a large number of punctuation marks with the name. If different characters are used, it is preferable to use a single character such as a star or a period at the end of the username.

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