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How to Add Music to Instagram Story?

How to Add Music to Instagram Story?

You can enter the “story” menu on your Instagram account and then define any image you choose from your gallery as a story. When you swipe up on the story screen, you view it, and you can view the “music” icon. After clicking this icon, you can share the story you added music to when you choose one of the songs listed on the screen and give your approval to the “share” command.

While adding music to the Instagram story, it is also possible to directly access a particular track instead of selecting channels from the list. You can find a specific song in your mind by searching for the song’s name in the search bar that appears after clicking the music option, and then you can approve the sharing.

How to Take an Instagram Story with Music?

If you want to share a new image as a story instead of choosing from the gallery section of your mobile device, you can do this with practical steps. Here’s what to do to shoot an Instagram story with music:

  • Open the Instagram on your mobile and log in to the account with your password and e-mail information.
  • After accessing the Instagram profile, click on the camera icon at the top right of the page.
  • Click on the “story” title among the options on the screen.
  • After the process, start the video recording.
  • Click on the “stickers” option on the screen while shooting.
  • Select the “music” symbol you view in the menu and type the song name you have in mind in the search bar that opens.
  • After clicking on the part name, you have reached, select the “apply” command on the screen.
  • Finally, you can click the “share” button and complete the process.

You can share a newly created video as a story with music, thanks to practical steps.



How Many Seconds Is the Music Added to the Instagram Story?

When adding music to the Instagram story is completed successfully, the song will only play for 15 seconds throughout the story. Therefore, when creating an Instagram story, it is generally preferred that the most liked 15-second parts of the parts are added to the account. Many local and foreign songs can be accessed by adding a section in the Instagram story area. However, adding these songs to the story in more than 15 seconds will result in copyright, so Instagram does not apply a more extended duration addition.

I Added Music to Instagram Story, No Sound!

If you have trouble with the sound after successfully adding the track to your Instagram story, you may have forgotten the sound option. To not experience such a situation, you should click on the sound image that appears on the screen while sharing the story and activate the “on” option. Providing this control over adding music to the Instagram story eliminates audio problems.

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