3 Top Quality Games Under 1GB For Mobile!

3 Top Quality Games Under 1GB For Mobile!

Mobile games are still played by a large audience today. Although dozens of new games are released every day, some of them have established a throne in the hearts of the players with their graphics quality and stories. In this list, we have listed the best quality mid-size games you can play on your Android/Ios device.

First of all, we have to say that the small storage space, the game not being in GBs, is not poor quality. But of course, you shouldn’t expect PC-quality graphics either. After making our reminder, we can move on to the list. Good reading!

Gangstar New Orleans

Made by Gameloft, the producer of the once-legendary Vegas Gangster, New Orleans is one click better in terms of graphics and story. There are many vehicles, weapons, and dozens of missions to complete. It’s kind of like a mobile GTA.

⁣The Walking Dead

In this game, the mobile version of the TWD series, you experience the same story with different heroes. It stars a young girl named Clementine. The story progresses entirely according to your choices. So remember that every action you take in the game has a different outcome.

⁣Life is Strange

In Liz, the mobile version of the game, which is also available on PC, you explore various places, collect items and interact with other characters in the game. Again, since it is an election-based game, you have to be careful with your decisions.


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